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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be Hypnotized During The Consultation? The answer is YES. Every consultation is hypnotic in nature. I suggest you be in a static location. You should NOT be driving or working on machinery while attending this session
What are the next steps? The next step is for you to complete the registration process. Once you do that, you will find my calendar on the next page where you can schedule my time.  
What is the duration of this session? Anytime between 60 min to 90mins. I suggest you block Two-hours
Where do we meet?  This consultation will happen over Skype or Zoom depending what best works for you based on your location. You will receive all the details on how to join the session via email ahead in time. 
Can you solve my problem in 1-session? If I can solve your problem, I'll solve it for you right in this session. I expect this to be our first and last interaction.
Will you work with me or some other hypnotist will? Upon registering while selecting a time slot, please mention you want the session with Srini. That should take care of that.
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