How Does This Challenge Work:

How Does This Work?

You'll receive one training video every day one improving one aspect of your life. You have 24 hours to take action thereafter. Accountability :)-

What is the Investment?

Just $100 for all 21-days. Compare that with expensive coaching and mentoring. 

Are there any rewards?

Yes there are, but the biggest reward is you becoming a better version of yourself. 

Are there any refunds?

Yes.. you don't like the challenge in first 3 days, just ask for a refund. I'll give you back your $100 and an additional $10 from my side for giving it a try.

I need specific help, not sure this will help

No problem at all! just text me 888-818-0404 and I'll tell you if I can help you. 

When is the next challenge?

Starts Dec 1st and Ends Dec 21, 2020.  Including weekends. 

I can't make it during those days

No worries, You can get access to the recordings of the challenge by clicking here

I have more questions.. Where can I ask?

just text me at 888-818-0404 or email me anytime:  srini [at] s r i n i s a r i p a l l i [dot] c o m
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